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Hi, I’m Felix!

Nice to have you here and welcome to Jumble Kitchen! I am a German food lover and the recipe developer behind Jumble Kitchen. On my blog, you will find air fryer recipes and healthy meals that everyone can easily make at home.

Felix Jumble Kitchen

How It Started

As a child I always enjoyed cooking and in my first own apartment I tried out all kinds of recipes in my kitchen. I always noticed that many recipes were not so easy to make because of the complex instructions and many ingredients. I wanted to change that.

That’s why I founded my German food blog in 2020, where my readers can find lots of different recipes, whether vegan, vegetarian or a delicious dessert, for example. There’s something for everyone. But unfortunately, due to the language, the blog is limited to German-speaking readers only.

How It’s Going

But I wanted to change that with Jumble Kitchen and that’s why I started this blog in English. With Jumble Kitchen, I want to make it possible for everyone in the world to cook healthy food using my simple recipes. Without a lot of work! That’s why many of the recipes on my blog can be made in just 10 to 20 minutes – how good does that sound?

Whether it’s a healthy salad, a delicious main course or simple air fryer recipes – I’m sure you’ll find the right recipe here!

If you have any requests, for example for new recipes, then I would be happy if you would contact me.

10 (Fun) Facts About Me

  • I come from Germany and live near Frankfurt. But I prefer to live in a small town rather than a big city.
  • I love traveling. Preferably in a nice wellness hotel or in a beautiful city.
  • I’m an absolute summer person, winter is usually too long for me.
  • I love pets! I have a wonderful cat that makes me happy.
  • If there’s one thing I couldn’t do without, it would be Coke Zero.
  • I love sweets! My favorite thing to eat is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I love them!
  • I like reading, but unfortunately I don’t get to do it often enough.
  • My favorite ingredients to cook are chicken, lentils and potatoes – you can do so much with them.
  • When I’m cooking, the kitchen looks like a jumble. That’s why my blog is called Jumble Kitchen.
  • I am an absolute Kevin Alone at Home fan! I watch it again every year at Christmas time.

My Favorite Recipes

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